Saturday, March 6, 2010

COLUMBIA MALL circa 1970



Was located at the corner of Columbia Dr. and Memorial Dr.
Decatur, GA.

Walmart now is at that location.

What memories do you have of Columbia Mall.
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Next Stop...Decatur said...

I remember all those optical illusions they had in the mall.
They even had one for their logo.
see top photo.

Anonymous said...

I remember going there to buy white patent leather Easter shoes at Davidsons. I also remember a garden center close by where we always bought our Christmas trees.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Decatur not far from the mall and attended Wadsworth Elem. and Columbia High. I remember the Rich's accross the street which I had many friends and family members who worked for Rich's. I remember the outdoor escalator (covered somewhat) in the parking lot in the back of Rich's that took you up to the main landing area to enter Rich's or "window shop" the outdoor so long ago it seems. Later when my folks moved to Gwinnett County..I worked at the Columbia Mall Sears back dock loading area to the Catalog Department during High School and college...such fun times ..working while listening to the football games at night at Avondale the back of Sears. I remember clapping your hands to make a waterfall come alive in the Columbia Mall center. Miss it so much. Green Brother's Nursery is the name of the plant/tree store that the other person mention here..loacated on Columbia Drive accross the street from The to the Dunk'N'Dine..diner/coffee shop..the building is still there..but a pawn/ or something like that..anyway thanks for the opportunity to leave this note...Jeffrey W. Brown..native of Atlanta/ living in Dunwoody...

Next Stop...Decatur said...

Great memories you both have.
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