Friday, August 13, 2010

Relics and Rarities Moving to Underground Atlanta


Wasting no time, Warren has already cleared out half of the building as of Saturday
Aug. 14th.
He "hopes" to have the Underground Atlanta location set up by mid October.


Warren Pickard inside his Decatur Ice Cream Parlor

Relics & Rarities Leaving Decatur, Say It Ain't So - Relics & Rarities to Move to Underground Atlanta

Since Sept. 2009 Atlanta Policeman Warren Pickard opened his doors to his Car Gallery and Ice Cream Shop for a journey through time with his collection "Cool Stuff"

In early September 2009, Relics and Rarities Ice Cream Parlor and Car Gallery opened its doors to Decatur, Ga. He was prepared and did take the youth of Decatur, and the entire metropolitan area on a wonderful journey. The Gallery is full of American automobile history and the culture in which it is surrounded. Just about every item in the gallery has a Relics and Rarities information plaque associated with it. The plaques provided interesting and educational comments. His motto was and still is “learn something cool and have a cool scoop of ice cream while you’re at it.”

The Decatur location was very good to him but he wanted more customers to see his unique collection. He hates to leave Decatur,
but business is business and with an offer he could not resist, he will be moving to Underground Atlanta soon.

Warren said: "After the CNN story, Relics and Rarities got a lot of interest from all over the country. In fact 97% of Relics and Rarities customers over the last year did not reside in Decatur. So it makes good business sense to move into an environment such as Underground Atlanta. I think it would have been difficult for Relic and Rarities to find longevity on North McDonough Street in the long term because the street is so neglected".

I know
Relics and Rarities will do very good in Underground Atlanta.
And become even more popular.
Good Luck Warren.


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