Monday, August 23, 2010

Wedding Proposal at Decatur store of The Cook's Warehouse

This sent in by Jim Brams of Cooks Warehouse
Cue two behind-the-scenes cupids: Wendy Allen, cooking school director, and Jim Fitzgerald, assistant manager of the Decatur store, who were “in” on the surprise.
Bhedwar issued a secret evite to the couples’ friends, about 40 of whom slipped in a back door as Mehta finished teaching her class that night. On bended knee, Cyrus proposed – and Naina accepted!
It might sound corny but there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. They broke out the champagne and everyone celebrated and then the party moved to a nearby bar-restaurant, The Chocolate Bar, for more drinks and celebration.
The Cook’s Warehouse ( ) is greater Atlanta’s premier gourmet cookware store and cooking school with three locations in Midtown, Decatur and Brookhaven. It offers more than 15,000 products for the kitchen and operates the largest avocational cooking school in the Southeast, conducting more than 600 classes yearly, often taught by local chefs, and has a large web-based delivery-by-post site.
Owned and operated by founder Mary S. Moore, The Cook’s Warehouse also retails high-end appliances; conducts private cooking classes for unique celebrations and corporate events, and is a pro bono partner with virtually every major cooking event and gourmet association in Atlanta.

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