Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just "Conan" Will be Conan O'Brien's Late Night Show Title

by Kyle Anderson in Television

Well, Conan O'Brien didn't end up going with any of the helpful suggestions put forth this morning. And apparently all those stories about the late night host not being able to use the name "Conan" because of the makers of the "Conan" movies were unfounded, as O'Brien announced today that his new show will be called simply "Conan." In a video posted to his show's official TBS site, O'Brien talked about how much the media had been wondering about the title (including one persistent Italian journalist/pizza maker) and how he had come to a simple, elegant conclusion. He also joked about the kick off date for the show (he initially said December 8, but was corrected by somebody off-camera with the actual date, which is November 8 — "Of this year?" O'Brien exclaimed) and noticed that the title he wrote on the piece of paper for the reveal sort of looked like "Conaw."

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