Friday, December 31, 2010

What Makes a New Year's Resolution Work?

From Gail @ Decatur Education Foundation
What makes a resolution work?
If it's clear, measurable, memorable - your resolution has a better chance of sticking.
If others know about it, even better.
And if you approach it in steps, you'll stay motivated and on track.
An end-of-year gift to the Decatur Education Foundation meets all the criteria for a resolution that can be kept.
It's a clear commitment. It's measurable (in impact and tax deduction). It's memorable - just ask those who started scholarship funds, which give year after year.
It makes a public statement about you and your support of education.
And it represents another incremental step in our community's effort to help every child in Decatur reach his or her full potential.
Will you resolve to make a year-end gift right now?
If so, go to - click on the "Donate" link at the top of the page - and fill out the simple form (a gift to our general fund allows us to use the money it where it is needed most).
Thank you - and best wishes in 2011!

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