Tuesday, January 11, 2011

DeKalb Vet to Conduct the First Animal Stem Cell Procedure

From the ajc
By Megan Matteucci

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A Stone Mountain veterinarian clinic says it is scheduled next week to conduct the first animal stem cell procedure in Georgia.
Loving Touch Animal Center in Stone Mountain is scheduled to launch the new technology on a 12-year-old Border Collie suffering from severe arthritis and spinal problems. The dog, named Sam, is a former championship jumper who had to retire because of arthritis, a spokesman for the clinic said.

Veterinarians say stem cell therapy can be used to treat dogs, cats and horses suffering from osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, and tendon and cartilage injuries. The procedure is about $1,800 for dogs and $2,400 for horses, which is less than half the cost of the old procedure, vets said.

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