Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Two Decatur Pools to extend hours this Summer

Mckoy Pool will add morning hours with Glenlake( below) providing evening swimming.

By Bill Banks

For the AJC

Coming off a week where most of the city was frozen or cloistered indoors, the Decatur City Commission had outdoor swimming on its mind during Tuesday night’s meeting.
The commission approved a proposal to keep two of the city’s three public pools open for more days this summer, at the cost of an additional $18,375. Historically, the city’s eliminated all weekday swimming once school begins in August.

But with Decatur schools re-opening on August 2 this year and with both Glenlake and McKoy pools attracting record numbers last summer, the city will keep weekday hours for both through Labor Day. McKoy will offer morning hours, with Glenlake providing evening swimming.

The city’s third public pool, Ebster, will close on July 31, at the end of the regular pool season.

Both Glenlake and McKoy pools were extensively renovated several years ago, which paid off in 2010. Glenlake had a record attendance of 20,317 swimmers, earning $30,696, while McKoy drew 21,480 for $30,252.
- Glenlake will add evening swimming.

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