Saturday, February 26, 2011

Is Atlanta-based Wheego's new electric car the Next Big Thing.

by David Markiewicz

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

For a product that has yet to gain a firm hold in the broad consumer market, the electric car business has a lot of players.

A crowd of companies, from unknown upstarts to big-name traditional manufacturers, have at some point announced plans to put all-electric or hybrid electric/gas cars on the road in the next couple of years. They hope to catch a wave of environmental awareness, international political concern and public interest in what might be the Next Big Thing.

One company that's actually gotten a product to market -- no small feat -- is Atlanta-based Wheego Electric Cars. Wheego, which rolled out the limited distance, low-speed Whip model last year, said it plans to start delivering to dealers its longer-range, highway-speed LiFe model by the end of March.

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