Monday, June 13, 2011

Next Stop for Walmart...Suburban Plaza

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Suburban Plaza in Decatur is about to be home for a new Wal-mart

From Tomorrow's News Today-Atlanta
Wal-Mart is coming to Suburban Plaza in Decatur. In a move many months, if not years, in the making, Selig Enterprises will finally re-develop Suburban Plaza and Wal-Mart will be the biggest addition. Pep Boys, Eckerd and Winn-Dixie/Save Rite have all closed at the center over the years and few tenants other than Suburban Lanes, Suburban Custom Awards & Framing and Big Lots have remained open. Last Chance Thrift shop, once located in a nearby former Kroger, opened in 2009 in the former Pep Boys in the center. From sketches I've seen, their space, as well as the neighboring shuttered Eckerd will both be demolished to make way for the coming Wal-Mart.
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Anonymous said...

If you want to contact Trader Joe’s executives about coming to Suburban Plaza, here are two important (and correct/up-to-date) names and titles, and their address:

Charles Pilliter
Executive VP/Operations
Brandt Sharrock
Vice President/Real Estate
Trader Joe’s
800 Shamrock Ave.
Monrovia, CA 91016

Jeff devo said...

this is horrible news for downtown Decatur and home prices. it is less than a mile from downtown. it will create more traffic for a part of town that is not well equipped. the small shops of downtown decatur will suffer for a very long time.