Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Children's Bookstore/ Giftshop in the area

Dear Next Stop,

My name is R. Gregory Christie, I am an award winning children's book illustrator. I have won the Coretta Scott King Award Honor three times,New York Times 'Best Illustrated Children's Book of the Year award two times, worked on projects with Karyn Parsons, Queen Latifah, had my work shown in numerous libraries, at the Kennedy Center, in the home of Jamie Foxx, on HBO Kids, even currently have my art on every NYC subway until 2013. These days I am in GA and I'm opening up a live painting gift-shop studio and bookstore, that will host everything from bookbinding to dj courses within a Decatur, GA mall. I want to help solve esteem issue by helping anyone interested to find their inner artist and to promote history, cultural tolerance and education! I need sponsorship and to get the word out for this idea. Because it will make the difference between a store with an electric cash register, showcasing books on lit shelves or a white walled space with a few gym tables and a rec! eipt pad. Please see the link below and if you'd like to know further about me then please feel free to contact me


About this project

My children's and young teens' book store, needs a new look. I want to make children's literacy as valued as the newest pair of sneakers. We desire a trendy looking store that puts literature along with tangible- handmade art on sleek pedestals and modern shelves.

I am an award winning children's book artist, who is also a NY city to Decatur, GA. transplant. I'd like to bring my Brooklyn sensibility as well as my passion for history and culture to teens and parents who may have never thought about these things.

The store will feature my published children's books and sell handmade products at a reasonable price. Additionally the mall's management is fine with me bringing in creative friends to do weekend long intensive workshops. It would be a fulfillment of a dream to teach the community to stop buying back their own culture from corporations. Most of the expensive items they wait in a line for, can easily be made or personalized with their own creativity. I miss the days when kids would buy a brand, then paint it, tear it, sew it and redesign it in to their own expression.

Workshops teaching book-binding,painting,t-shirt production,silk screening, even computer and cell phone cover design painting will be offered. I will have something to teach any aspiring art student or curious craft enthusiast.

This will be the first store of many, I hope to make a franchise out of this but for now it's a Decatur, Georgia aspiration in a site that needs a serious makeover.

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