Tuesday, April 3, 2012

James Bond Goes Heineken

James Bond will drink Heineken rather than martinis in the newest film.
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Newser) – James Bond is no longer exclusively a martini man: The super-spy will be swilling Heineken in at least one scene in upcoming 007 flick Skyfall, according to a surprising report from Advertising Age. It's part of an advertising push by the beer maker; Daniel Craig's Bond will also star in a Heineken ad and appear on packaging for the beer. Craig isn't about to jump ship over the change, telling the BBC that he'll "keep going until they tell me to stop. I know there'll be someone after me, and hopefully someone after them—I'm just trying to keep (the series) going."

It's not the only big move for 007: In what appears to not be an April Fools' joke, the Sun reports that none other than Queen Elizabeth has personally invited Craig to kick off this summer's London Olympics in classic Bond style. "James Bond" will appear in a film, in which he receives the royal mission to launch the games at Buckingham Palace and then parachutes into the Olympic stadium. For the skeptics out there, the news has since been picked up by the Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly, New York magazine, and the Daily Beast. And finally, Adele recently told a French radio station she'll be releasing a new song by the end of the year, and many are speculating she could be referring to a Bond theme song.

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Talk about a fast turn around.

From production purgatory to a new trailer coming in just a handful of weeks, the pending James Bond film SKYFALL has seen a cavalcade of set photos hit the web, but now it’s time for some of our first footage.

The Daily Mail is reporting that director Sam Mendes has cut a trailer for the film that is currently in the paws of executives over at Sony. The studio plans to put the trailer in front of prints of the upcoming actioner, MEN IN BLACK 3. That’s right, some Bond to get you prepped for some aliens and Will Smith's witty banter.

Overall, this isn’t the most amazing news story, but it does simply remind you that SKYFALL is coming up and coming up quickly. Bowing on November 9, the film doesn’t have too much longer off of screens, so it’s nice to see that soon we’ll finally get something to gaze upon. The film features a great cast, and Mendes is an inspired choice to direct. Hopefully it’s as interesting as everyone involved makes it sound.

Source The Daily Mail

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