Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You scream, I scream for Ice Cream ... but not in DeKalb

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By April Hunt

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

What would summer be without the tinny jangle of the ice-cream truck? Answer: DeKalb County.
No, county leaders don’t hate cool treats. Or children. It’s just that county code makes it illegal to sell any food – ice cream is specifically listed – from any cart or vehicle on county streets.

Not that anyone seemed to know until one ice-cream truck driver complained to commissioners  last week that police had cited him twice for daring to offer Nutty Buddys, Push Up Pops and Screwballs (there’s a gumball at the bottom!).

Said Commissioner Larry Johnson, “Is that why I never see the ice-cream truck anymore?"

In a word, yes. And although County Commissioners agreed Tuesday to take up the cause – and also consider allowing food trucks while they’re at it – it will be officially summer by the time things are sorted out.
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