Saturday, June 2, 2012

Suburban Plaza / Walmart: updated site design

Saturday, June 2, 2012
Suburban Plaza/Walmart: updated site design
The following is an updated version of the Suburban Plaza Redevelopment article that Theresa Same, MANA Zoning Chair, contributed to the current issue of our Medlock Matters neighborhood newsletter.
Before I dive into my update, I want to again state that after engaging legal counsel and speaking with our County Representatives the MANA Board and I decided that it is in the best interest of our neighborhood to work with Selig Enterprises and Walmart on the redevelopment of Suburban Plaza. I believe that my job as your Zoning Chair is to give you as many facts as I can about this development so that you can form your own opinion. I respect that those opinions vary greatly throughout the neighborhood and that many of you feel very passionately about how this redevelopment will affect our neighborhood – all of which I attempt to honor in my discussions with Selig and Walmart. At the same time, the board and I are realistic in trying to negotiate the best development we can for our neighborhood with one of the most powerful retailers in the country; this is especially difficult within the confines of our county and sate laws/ordinances that generally favor business and cars over residents and alternative transportation. 

As I drive or walk through the neighborhood, I can’t help but notice the growing number of “Stop Walmart” signs.  People stop and ask me everyday what is going on with the Suburban Plaza redevelopment. The truth is there has not been a lot to report since our negotiations with Selig/Walmart and the Zoning Board of Appeal’s decision in December to approve Selig’s request for a parking exception on the property [this link calls up all updates we've had since then, posted on this website]. This slow-down in activity is about change because things are starting to take shape for the redevelopment.
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More Walmart news:

 Bethesda Walk Plaza Walmart  is expected to open June 25

In other Walmart store news The new Walmart Neighborhood Market in Lawrenceville in the Bethesda Walk Plaza vacant building where a former grocery store once called home is expected open June 25th. This new Walmart Neighborhood Market  will be Georgia's first with two other locations coming soon in Alpharetta and Snellville later this year.

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