Sunday, September 9, 2012

Atlanta's Lenox Square to Have New Look

--Above is Lenox Square's Front Entrance Today.-- Below is the New Planned Front Entrance.
 New Lenox Square Entrance Coming Soon.
 Lenox Square is going to get a facelift to go along with the new parkway improvements to Peachtree Road at its front door. The plans have been drawn, but there is no announced timeline for the work to be done.

Representatives for Simon Property Group (owners of the mall property) and Shelby Morris, Beck Design/ RTKL met with the Development Review Committee for Special Public Interest District 12 (SPI-12) this month and presented proposed changes to Lenox Square’s façade and more.

The changes as outlined would include:
·         A pedestrian connection to Peachtree Road
·         A roundabout where the Peachtree Road entrance interfaces with the internal “ring road.”
·         A proposed water feature in the middle of the roundabout
·         Landscaped area adjacent to the outdoor seating
·         Additional 5’ sidewalks on the Neiman Marcus (western) facade
·         Reconfiguration of the existing road serving the porte cochere
·         New drop off zone and curb cut for new mall entry
·         Recladding of the facades
·         Display cases along western façade -
-- The representatives also presented changes to the rear food court which included: · “Enclosing” the outdoor patio area to create formal outdoor seating area. · Incorporation of planters with bamboo to screen area from parking · Addition of patio doors to connect the food court to the new patio area. The whole series of architectural renderings presented to the DRC in seeking a variance for the façade changes can be viewed by clicking here. --
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