Thursday, September 27, 2012

Changes for Downtown Avondale Estates

From Decatur Patch
story by Ralph Ellis
photo credit Next Stop...Decatur

There's a new plan for the old section of downtown Avondale Estates.
On Wednesday afternoon, the city government held a ribbon cutting for the block of Tudor-style building that comprises the bulk of downtown.
There's really nothing new there, except for new owners with a new attitude.
The new owners, Oakhurst Realty Partners of Decatur, hope to turn Avondale Estates into a more walkable community with downtown restaurants, bars and shops.
In July, longtime owner Newburger-Andes sold all of the downtown property it owns to Oakhurst Realty Partners of Decatur. The property stretches from the old movie theater at one end to the Trilogy shop at the other.
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