Thursday, May 16, 2013

20 Story Ferris Wheel Coming to Atlanta

-- From 11alive
ATLANTA -- Monday, the Atlanta city council will vote on whether to allow a private developer to build a 20-story ferris wheel in a parking lot adjacent to Centennial Olympic Park.

The ferris wheel would come by way of France, where it operated across from the Louvre in Paris. It would be called SkyView Atlanta. It most recently operated in Pensacola.

Its backers are picturing an iconic presence on the Atlanta skyline, something a little akin to the Eye of London.

"St. Louis has its arch, San Francisco has the Golden Gate bridge," said Jason Evans, spokesman for the St. Louis-based developer pitching the project. "I don't want to be so presumptive as to think this is going to be one of the iconic images of Atlanta, but I think this will have an impact on the skyline."
 The project would be located in a parking lot on the same city block as the Tabernacle, a downtown concert venue.

The developer is hoping to tap into the tourists that now throng attractions like the Georgia Aquarium, also located alongside Centennial Park. Evans said the ferris wheel would have six-seat climate-controlled gondolas. Tickets, he projected, would cost $13.50 for adults and 8.50 for children.
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