Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Street Smarts" Seminar Nov 20

Sgt. Jennifer Ross, Community Information & Education Officer with the City of Decatur Police Department, shares the following information:

Free 1-hour “Street Smarts Seminar” will be held at the Decatur Recreation Center on November 20th

Please join us for a comprehensive 1-hour presentation from The National Crime Prevention Task Force to learn the answers to these questions and more:

    How can your security system be disarmed?
    How can a criminal obtain a key to your home?
    What should you do if approached by someone in a parking lot?
    How do criminals get access to your office during working hours?
    What makes you an attractive target to a criminal?
    What two things make women an easy and attractive target?
    What should you do if a stranger gets in your car?
    Where do most carjackings take place?
    What is the biggest mistake we make while shopping?
    Holiday tips to reduce crime to you and your home


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