Sunday, February 2, 2014

Kristian Bush’s first solo concert at The Buckhead Theatre

 By Melissa Ruggieri
 Chances are, fans attending Kristian Bush’s first plugged-in, full-band solo concert at The Buckhead Theatre Saturday night weren’t expecting a 7-foot clown to stroll down the center aisle, hop onstage and start singing Lorde’s “Royals.” But Puddles the Clown (aka Atlanta’s Big Mike Geier from Puddles Pity Party) usually pops up in unexpected places, so why not? The kooky detour about halfway through Bush’s 90-minute set was a contrast to the singer-guitarist’s sincere delivery and “VH1 Storytellers”-esque vibe, but the fun-loving Bush looked happy to cede the spotlight momentarily and provide backup, along with Larkin Poe’s Megan and Rebecca Lovell, for the recently christened Song of the Year. more

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