Friday, February 7, 2014

Towne Cinema in Avondale still for Lease

--Now and then photo shows the theatre when it was called Avondale "AVON"
The little theatre in downtown Avondale is still sitting vacant.
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This photo left is circa 1975 when theatre still had original Towne Cinema neon marquee.

From cinema treasures
Yes, the Towne Cinema was originally the Avondale Theater. Around 1966, the Avondale Theater came under the management of the late George Ellis. He altered the name and instituted a policy of art films and revivals. Prior to that time, the Avondale Theater had become run down and had a poor reputation.

Although Avondale Estates and the City of Decatur (which was incorporated as a city before Atlanta) bordered each other in DeKalb County, they were seperate and distinct communities. Their respective high schools were arch rivals.
Photo credit: D.G.Whitefield
See old 1960's newspaper listing for this theatre when it was called Avondale Theatre. The Great Escape was playing there.

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