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Friday, March 7, 2014

Walgreens project looks to be a model of historic preservation.

 From: http://atlurbanist.tumblr.com

Downtown Atlanta’s Walgreens project looks to be a model of historic preservation. The images above, posted elsewhere by a fellow downtowner, show the care that’s being taken with the beautiful Olympia Building.

The 1935 building, famous for its Coca Cola sign, has been empty for years. And after having had a portion removed during the 1990s, it bears little resemblance to its former self, when it served as a bustling center of activity in Atlanta’s Five Points intersection.
The current building owner is committed to doing a full restoration of the structure and re-enclosing the portion lost in the 90s. And now we learn that Walgreens is planning to fill the space with a two-story, truly urban store. It will sell the store’s usual goods, along with beer and wine and dry groceries.

Having a new place to shop for necessities will be great for downtowners like my family. Doing so in a beautifully restored building is more than I could’ve hoped for, particularly in a city not known for its preservation efforts.
- See more at: http://atlurbanist.tumblr.com/post/78329233479/downtown-atlantas-walgreens-project-looks-to-be-a#sthash.B8xhRxH1.dpuf

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