Thursday, April 24, 2014

Drive-Invasion Moves to Turner Field with new Date Saturday Sept. 6th, 2014
Dear Drive-Invaders,

The Starlight Six Drive-in Theatre and its wonderful events like Mondo Movie Night, Drive-Invasion and Rock N Roll Monster Bash have always held a special place in my imitation butter soaked heart. Like you, I’ve shared many laughs, made new friends and built lasting memories on that old blacktop. It’s sacred ground that has defined us for a large portion of our lives.

With the studio controlled conversion to digital projection, staging events at The Starlight is now impossible. It stings, but I wish them the best and I’ll continue to buy a ticket to see their movies under the stars. The Starlight Drive-In will always be a magical place and we hope you will continue to support them.

Dusty Booze, Lisa, Amy and I were sickened by the idea of no Drive-Invasion. The thought of Scott Rogers, Suellen Germani and Teri Oldknow’s dream fading into a distant memory like celluloid film… it was depressing.

So we decided to get off our ass and keep the damn party alive! There had to be a way to honor the unselfish labors of past organizers, wildly talented bands and B-movie legends that sweated inside that great landmark.

What could possibly replace the nostalgia of a working Drive-in built in 1949?

How about a view of the Atlanta skyline on the very spot where Hank Aaron beat Babe Ruth’s home run record on April 8th, 1974! Yes, the Green lot at Turner Field. Six times bigger than the Starlight Six and we’re putting the main stage right underneath the monument where Hammerin’ Hank hit that ball 40 years ago! That’s right, we have teamed up with the Atlanta Braves!

So what will change? Other than no camping … not much. Due to a Braves home stand, we have to change the date to the Saturday (September 6th) after Labor Day weekend, but there is no Dragon-Con to compete against and The Great Atlanta Beer Festival is happening inside Turner Field on the same day. There are some really cool additions this year. We’ve enlisted celebrity chef and former Starlight Six manager, Jim Stacy, to hand-pick a food truck midway that is sure to get your lips smacking and belly rumbling. We’re also adding an artist market to the vending area and a kid’s play zone sure to wear out the little ones. There will be all kinds of shenanigans, horseplay, hijinks and tomfoolery announced in the near future.

We’ve gotten an early start so check the website! We’re being respectful of all musical genres. In no way do we wish to alienate anyone who has been involved with past Drive-Invasions. This has all been hush-hush because there were many hurdles we had to jump to get here. If you’re interested in contributing, we’re interested in speaking with you. This is all about Drive-Invaders, community, bands, b-movies and the legend of Scott “Rip Thrillby” Rogers.

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