Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Smart move for Taylor Swift who removed her Music From Spotify

 By By Spotify, Hello Beats

Hell hath no fury like Taylor Swift scorned. Her exes know that. And now Spotify does, too.

The "Shake It Off" singer is shaking off Spotify, removing all her songs and albums from the popular music streaming platform just days after Spotify publicly criticized the 24-year-old artist for not immediately making her latest album, 1989, available to stream.

Spotify had told Mashable on Wednesday that 1989 wasn't available on Spotify because of "a decision by the artist." A spokesman added that "Taylor Swift has nearly 2 million active followers on [Spotify] who will be disappointed by this decision."

Swift's camp, including Big Machine Records, appears to not be amused by Spotify's public finger-pointing and reacted on Monday by removing her four previous studio albums.
t's important to note that Swift's music, sans 1989, is available on the Apple-owned Beats Music service, a smaller streaming rival whose executives have stressed a desire to secure artist exclusives. Though Spotify has dominated the foot race for streaming exclusives and general availability over the years — converting digital holdouts like Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pink Floyd while also securing an impressive amount of newer music — Beats Music is primed to offer stiffer competition for exclusives now that it's under Apple's umbrella, which includes the powerful iTunes Store (could Beats now win the streaming rights for The Beatles' catalogue since Apple previously nabbed the digital-download rights for the music?).
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