Tuesday, February 24, 2015

American Pickers might do Some Picking in Cherokee County

Historic relics, overlooked gems and antiques are needed in order to lure the dynamic duo, who are often seen touring the country on the History Channel’s “American Pickers,” to Cherokee County.

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are famous for searching through other people’s belongings in order to find valuable pieces — whether it’s art, motorcycles or old wind-up toys.

The production team of “American Pickers” is on a search of their own to find a new location full of historic treasures, and Cherokee County could be the perfect spot.

But residents need to get involved by showing off rusty relics that may be lingering in a junkyard, basement, garage or old barn throughout the county.

Some of the items Wolfe and Fritz are looking for include old advertising signs, old toys that are either tin, wind-up or cast iron, pinball and slot machines, taxidermy, Houdini items, old rodeo items, folk art, early Halloween items, vintage sports collectibles, firefighter collectibles and pre-1950s western or equestrian gear.

If “American Pickers” selects Cherokee as its next location, it could mean more positive publicity for what makes the county attractive for visitors.

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