Thursday, February 26, 2015

More Details about Avondale Marta Station mixed-use Development


By Michael Kahn
The Avondale MARTA station's proposed $95 million mixed-use development is drawing closer to reality, as evidenced by a filing made to the Department of Community Affairs for the State of Georgia.
 But that doesn't guarantee it's going to happen. Part of MARTA's colossal, transit-oriented development initiative targeting a number of stations across the network, the plan could bring a slew of residents and neighborhood amenities to the east-Decatur area. Currently, about 2,500 people live within a half-mile of the station, according to MARTA; the development could increase that number substantially with 338 apartments and 34 condo units, plus an additional 92 units reserved for senior housing, putting the total for residential units at 464. With the increased density, the proposal calls for a grocery store and restaurants, in addition to 17,220 square feet of more retail space and 40,000 square feet of "institutional" space. They didn't elaborate on what "institutional" means, exactly.

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