Monday, May 18, 2015

Break in on South Candler between E. Davis St. and Green St.

 One way or another, they were coming in.


From Nan Norton on  Oakhurst Neighborhood Association facebook page.
Hi all - just a heads up that my house was broken into last Monday during the day when I was at work.
 I'm on S. Candler between E. Davis and Green St, near the bike path. Same old story - took laptop and tv. In and out very quickly. Pushed in a window from back deck (no glass broken) after unsuccessfully attempting to pry the window up and smash open a french door with a rock.
 One way or another, they were coming in, so I don't have any advice for prevention. However, I will say, if you kinda sorta think you've got your photos or anything you care about on your laptop backed up but aren't really absolutely sure, take a moment and make sure.
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