Monday, September 7, 2015

Could Buford Hwy Become a Leafy Pedestrian Paradise

Buford Hwy's Alter Ego: Buford Blvd, Leafy Pedestrian Paradise
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Some residents would be thrilled if police could just control crime and gang activity around Buford Highway, but Brookhaven has bigger ideas. According to a plan presented to city council earlier this month, the city would like to turn its part of the six-lane, vegetation-devoid highway into a lovely pedestrian-friendly boulevard chock full o' bike lanes, trees, multi-use paths, mixed-use developments and new businesses. The grand vision is outlined in a report prepared by the Jaeger Company and Urban Partners and is expected to be adopted starting next month. In addition to the physical changes, the plan proposes that the Brookhaven portion of the street be renamed Buford Boulevard to really drive home those improvements and ditch the negative connotations of "Buford Highway."
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