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Math Playdate at Little Shop of Stories Oct. 11

Math Playdate at Little Shop of Stories

From: Leslie Gilbert


My name is Leslie Gilbert and I am a resident of Decatur, a mother of two, and an enthusiastic math educator!

As a math teacher, I've been working to help parents support PreK-3 math learning in their homes. I have a couple of projects that would be of interest to Decatur residents. I would appreciate a moment of your time to tell you more about them. I'm happy to provide a little summary or whatever would be most helpful.

Math Playdate at Little Shop:
First, I'm delighted to be partnering with Little Shop of Stories to run a free math playdate there on October 11. It's like storytime, but math stories, games, and crafts!

More about the playdate >

Secondly, I have teamed up with another Oakhurst mom who is a designer to create a product called MathKit. MathKit is a research-based learning system for K-3, made to help parents support addition and subtraction learning at home.

MathKit comes with a set of 10 hands-on games and learning tools. It provides welcome help and structure for families who want to build a strong math background for their kids, but don't know where to start.

I am also passionate about supporting girls in STEM, and while MathKit is for all children, it is particularly focused on ways to build girls' confidence and skills.

More about MathKit >
More about the research behind MathKit >
More about the Oakhurst moms who made MathKit together >
More about MathKit and girls in STEM here and here

Thank you so much for your time. Feel free to call or email. I would love to tell you more about these projects, and how they can help Decatur families!

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Leslie Gilbert
Founder of MathKit, LLC.

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