Thursday, November 12, 2015

Local Kickstarter for Family Math Games

Local Kickstarter for Family Math Games
Sent in by Leslie Gilbert


DECATUR, GA, NOVEMBER 11, 2015: Introducing MathKit, a set of 10 hands-on math games designed to help parents create a safe space for kids to learn.

MathKit applies research on math and mindset to help kids, especially girls, persist through mistakes and struggle. “Kids need math skills to keep their future open,” says Leslie Gilbert, founder of MathKit, “but many girls lose math confidence and shy away from hard problems as early as third grade.”

Gilbert wants to make “playing math” as easy and inviting as bedtime reading. She designed the kit to tackle addition and subtraction “math facts” from 0-20, a task that schools ask families to practice at home. “This often doesn’t go very well,” says Gilbert sympathetically, “Kids are tired, they don’t want to be drilled, and they get stressed out by timers.”
MathKit helps parents nurture a “math learning mindset.” A positive mindset towards learning math is a powerful predictor of math success, especially for girls. MathKit focuses on math strategies, not drill. Each kit comes with a set of hands-on math learning tools to help kids visualize math.

MathKit was designed by Leslie’s neighbor and fellow mom Rebekka Connelly. “Kids really respond to the look and feel of their toys,” says Connelly, “so we embraced a warmer, more welcoming look than most math products, while keeping it gender neutral.”

A family friendly solution to math stress? Yes, but Gilbert and Connelly are currently making every kit by hand. Bringing MathKit to a wider market requires start-up funding. That’s where Kickstarter comes in.
Kickstarter campaigns are “all-or-nothing,” so the project must reach its goal of $30K within 30 days of its November 11 launch date in order to receive any funding.

You can follow their progress on Twitter (@getmathkit) and Facebook (MathKit).

Please help spread the word via your social media networks, and consider donating (as little as $5) to help the project come to life. Rewards include full handmade kits in time for the holidays.

To support the campaign, visit

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