Thursday, January 28, 2016

Things to Do this Weekend in Atlanta


Live music, a trip to space, and beer? Yep, this is real life in Atlanta. If you're looking to have a fun weekend, here our our favorite picks for this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Carol’s Picks
Carol is the ATL Insider’s culture vulture. If there is a new exhibit in town or a new show on the stage, Carol is the first to know about it.
    Art Garfunkel in Close-Up, Friday
    Who doesn’t love Simon & Garfunkel? Well, OK, Paul Simon won’t be here, but, still, a chance to hear, in person, half the team that gave us so many wonderful songs can’t be, uh, half bad. He’s an icon. He’s a poet. I’m mean, really, he IS Art Garfunkel. Groovy.

    Johnny Mathis 60th Anniversary Tour, Friday
    I must be in the mood for great music, since this is my second music pick of the week. A friend much younger than me once asked what I wanted for Christmas. “A Johnny Mathis album,” I replied. She ended up giving me a gift card to a music store because she said she was too embarrassed to ask where the Johnny Mathis albums were. So, OK, maybe everyone doesn’t love his velvet voice, but I sure do. Chances are I’ll go if I can. 
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