Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bird's eye view of Old Decatur Court House circa 1917

 This is a repost: So Worldsmith Books is no longer there.Best Time and Jeni's ice cream shop is in that spot.
In this photo (circa 1917) shows the Decatur Court House after it was remodeled in 1917 after the fire of 1916. Left and right wings were added on each side. also notice that the Confederate monument was moved at some point in time, now it is about half way up the walkway. see arrows on photo.
Look at how clean the grounds looked then. Now it looks so crowded.
the bandstand should have been built over to the left where it is now(in the grass area), it would make a better flow for the area.I would love to see west court square opened back up to connect to sycamore.

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