Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Large redevelopment Planned for North Druid Hills Road.

 Atlanta-based Oak Hall Companies, a developer of commercial, medical and residential properties, is proposing

This is not the first time the 11.5 acre parcel has been targeted for redevelopment.

As recently as 2014, John Weiland Homes planned to redevelop 59-70 townhomes on the property, but eventually abandoned its plans. Ashton Woods, another residential developer, sought to build 43 townhouses and 104 condo units in 2004, but also abandoned their plans. In both cases, the developers were put off by the cost of removing 12,000 cubic yards of dirt and slag, and then putting it all back (minus the slag).  The slag, or "stony waste matter separated from metals during the smelting or refining of ore" was dumped there by the E.V. Camp Steel Works, a steel foundry that operated close to the nearby railroad tracks until the 1950s.
a large redevelopment on North Druid Hills Road.  The company wants to build 78 townhomes in place of the Grand Slam Golf & Baseball (aka Hidden Valley Driving Range) facility at 3352 North Druid Hills Road. The development would be called "Provence Park."  To begin this process, OHC is requesting that DeKalb county rezone the parcel from C-2 & M (Industrial) to RSM (Small Lot Residential).

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