Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Beltline Project Near Krog Street Tunnel Raises Concerns

Current proposal for Beltline project near Krog Street Tunnel raises concerns

 Beltline founder: The development is "not designed with transit in mind"
By Frank Reddy Aug 24, 2016

Recently presented plans for a development near the Atlanta Beltline and Krog Street Tunnel have made some Beltline advocates and community members wary.

Notably, that group includes Beltline visionary Ryan Gravel, according to a recent post on local advocacy site ThreadATL.

Atlanta BeltLine Inc. and developers North American Properties presented the proposal at 670-690 DeKalb Avenue last week to members of the Inman Park Neighborhood Association, which according to ThreadATL seemed to have acceptable building materials, street-level activity, density, and brag-worthy 20-percent affordable housing.

Gravel reportedly told the group of residents and company representatives that, as presented, buildings on the current site plan "are beautiful, but they’re not designed with transit in mind." In fact, some worry the project could effective block a transit line.

Gravel said the proposed site plans for the project did not allow enough space for rail to run through alongside a trail, and a possible 1,000-foot tunnel with an S-curve in it (to be used in lieu of the Krog Tunnel) would only have enough room for transit, reports ThreadATL. This, in theory, could mean walkers and bikers would be S.O.L. Also, the added cost of building such a long tunnel — when a much shorter one had apparently originally been proposed — could be an impediment to making transit a reality in the first place, some argue.
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