Friday, August 26, 2016

Volunteer for the Decatur Book Festival


Volunteer for the Decatur Book Festival Next Weekend

 by Catherine
Do you know one of the things that makes Decatur so great? Its community of residents that come out every year – many times per year – to be a part of its festivals. Seriously, Decatur would not be Decatur without without thousands of folks donating their time to help out at events.

If you’ve never volunteered for a festival or if it’s been a while, you can sign up online here: Volunteer Decatur! Become a true Decaturite and help out at the Decatur Book Festival next weekend. In fact, invite your neighbors and friends to join you and make a weekend of it! If you’re a return volunteer (we love you, btw), you can log into your volunteer account here.

The Decatur Book Festival is the city’s largest event and it takes a huge crew of awesome volunteers to make it happen. We’d love to have you as part of the Volunteer Decatur Team!

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