Thursday, October 6, 2016

Oakhurst Porchfest Saturday Oct 8, 2016

When's it happening?
Everything goes down Saturday, October 8, 2016, from Noon to 6pm, followed by a closing throwdown in Harmony Park thereafter.

Where does it take place?
Oakhurst is in the southwest corner of Decatur, sandwiched between Agnes Scott College to the east and Kirkwood to the west. The fest is spread across the entire neighborhood, filling roughly one square mile. Included streets are shown here.
Is Porchfest a replacement for the Oakhurst Arts and Music Festival?
While it’s true that Porchfest was born to fill a void in 2015 when Harmony Park construction prevented the Arts and Music Festival from taking place, the two events are otherwise unrelated. We can’t speak to whether or not Arts and Music will return but we’re certainly supportive of any efforts by its organizers and supporters to get it going again. The more art, the better.

What's new for 2016?
We learned a lot from Year One and have a number of new things in store. See the summary here.

I want to play or host a band.
All you have to do is register. Musicians here and porch hosts here.

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