Thursday, January 13, 2011

DeKalb's Snow Storm Bill $662,000 and Growiwng

From The ajc

By Megan Matteucci

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

DeKalb County has spent more than $662,000 responding to the storm, county officials told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
As of Wednesday afternoon, DeKalb had spent $210,000 on overtime for road crews, $48,000 for salt and sand, and $262,000 for fuel for the salt trucks, county spokesman Burke Brennan said. The county also spent $5,625 to pay fleet maintenance workers who worked overtime putting chains on emergency vehicles and responding to wrecks, and $135,000 for watershed management crews who had to address water and sewer problems during the storm.

There were no major extra expenses for police and firefighters, who rotated staffing the Emergency Operations Center while on shift, Brennan said. The only additional cost for emergency personnel was $300 for food and water.

The county also spent another $1,000 on food and lodging for other essential administrative staff.

Officials said they anticipate additional expenses, particularly for road crews who will continue to treat icy roads throughout the week.

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