Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fridays Dekalb Ave Fire Left Hundreds without Power

5K run/walk to benefit DeKalb County residents

From ajc
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Registration is underway for a 5K run/walk to benefit DeKalb County residents with developmental disabilities, substance addiction and mental illness.
The Walk of Heroes will be held Saturday, Sept. 21 in Kirkwood. All proceeds benefit the DeKalb Community Service Board.
An informational meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. Aug. 6 at the CBS offices, 445 Winn Way, Room 421, Decatur.
More information/race registration:

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"MEAN GIRLS" at The Plaza Wed. July 24

The Plaza Theatre 
1049 Ponce De Leon Ave
Atlanta, GA

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Atlanta's newest production brewery, Three Taverns Craft Brewery

Decatur's TACO-MAC is one of many to offer the new beer.
Photo credit: Next Stop...Decatur

 Atlanta's newest production brewery, Three Taverns Craft Brewery, will be debut its beer at Brick Store Pub - and other locations in Decatur - this Friday.

CL recently caught up with Belgian-born brewer Joran Van Ginderachter, who will join brewery president and CEO, Brian Purcell, as Three Taverns' head brewer. According to the brewery, Three Taverns will be the only traditional Belgian-style beer brewery in the Southeast, and Van Ginderachter will be one of only three classically trained Belgian brewers in the United States.

Their motto? Transcendo Mediocris- "to unlock and inspire the pursuit of a fuller and more transcendent experience of life, inviting our friends and neighbors to join us at the table of discovery and raise a glass in gratitude and merry celebration."

During the market launch on Fri., July 19, Three Taverns' will release two beers from its New Monastic series: Single Intent, a Belgian-style single, and A Night In Brussels IPA, a Belgian-style American I.P.A.

"Our beers will represent the very best in authentic Belgian-style brewing, but with a more open minded American brewing spirit," Purcell said in a release. "Single Intent is styled after the classic, lighter bodied blonde ale crafted by monks for their own consumption - a beer just too good to keep cloistered. A Night In Brussels IPA represents a fusion between old world Belgian and newer American brewing technique. More simply explained, Belgian inspiration, American creativity."

Following the Friday launch, Three Taverns' brews will be available on draft at select locations, while bottled beers will arrive mid-August.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Marco's Pita Damaged by Fire

Marco’s Pita, located at 752 Ponce de Leon in Atlanta’s Virginia Highland community, suffered a damaging fire on Friday, July 12, 2013. It’s reportedly a total loss.

Decorated with work from local artists, this eclectic restaurant founded by Blue is famous for its Mediterranean fusion fare. They sell healthy food in a small-town restaurant type atmosphere, including pita dishes, gyros, falafels, lasagna, pita burritos and a variety of burgers. Meats include grilled chicken, tuna, salmon, seafood mix and veggie burgers.

Blogger jolomo said...
Hope they are able to re-open! They had awesome fries and a solid gyro.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DeKalb Commissioner Lee May was sworn in as acting CEO.

From Decatur's  The Champion Newspaper
Approximately an hour after Gov. Nathan Deal announced the suspension of DeKalb CEO Burrell, DeKalb Commissioner Lee May was sworn in as acting CEO.
The appointment is “something that I take seriously and I’m humbled by the opportunity to act in this position,” May said.
“[I’m] excited about the opportunity to work with my colleagues on the Board of Commissioners in unison and harmony to really move this county forward,” May said. “That’s our No. 1 focus.”
May said he understands clearly that this is a temporary position for him.
“We’re in this together. We’re going to move this county forward together. The best days are yet to come,” May said.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Skyview Ferris Wheel to Open This Week- Maybe

 From midtownpatch
The Skyview Ferris Wheel in downtown Atlanta is scheduled to open next week.

Skyview Atlanta posted on its Facebook page: "Great news Atlanta, the official opening day for SkyView Atlanta is this coming Tuesday, July 16. The ribbon cutting is set for Noon. We hope to see you there!"
The 20-story high Ferris Wheel with 42 gondolas is in the south end of Centennial Olympic Park. "With a view like this, everyone will be wanting a ride," Skyview writes on its website

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Coca-Cola Making Bottles Entirely Out of Ice Just in Time for Summer

First, Coca-Cola tried to thaw relations between India and Pakistan. Now, the brand has created bottles that are guaranteed to melt in your hands. Foodbeast gives a chilly reception to Coke's bottles made of ice, pointing to potential hygiene issues. But I can see folks warming to the offbeat promotional items, introduced in sunny Colombia just in time for beach season. There's no denying that the containers are … cool. Usually you have to go to a restaurant to get watered-down soda. Now you can enjoy it straight from the bottle. A red Coke-logo band lets you hold the frozen flask without chilling your hand too much, and doubles as a keepsake bracelet, because who wouldn't want one of those? Seriously, though, the brand's latest foray into innovative packaging (following the split-can idea) carries a certain ironic symbolism—with one of consumer culture's most famous icons, the Coca-Cola bottle, drip-drip-dripping away through customers' fingers, leaving only an advertisement (that band with the logo) behind. Now that's what I call pop art! Agency: Ogilvy Colombia.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Proposed Development Near Suburban Plaza would level 58-year-old church for mixed-use complex

Fuqua Development, the company behind a controversial retail center near Glenwood Park and a proposed Walmart near Lindbergh Center, has another new project in the works: Decatur Crossing.

The nearly 7-acre mixed-used development located near the busy intersection of Scott Boulevard and North Decatur Road is technically just outside Decatur. Early plans, which were presented to surrounding neighborhoods on Monday, include a 5-story, 200-unit apartment complex and an "organic" food store that would serve as the development's anchor tenant. Retail shops would line the street and wrap two levels of parking - one of which would potentially be underground. At the 6-way intersection, the developer says, pedestrians and passersby will be able to convene in a "public gathering space."

To build the shopping center, Fuqua would have to raze the current properties. Historic 58-year-old Scott Boulevard Baptist Church, which has tried to sell the property to more than a dozen potential buyers, would be demolished under the firm's plan. As would 10 homes on Barton Way that the developer currently has under contract.
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Zaxby's on Ponce Grand Opening July 15

---The new Zaxby's on Ponce will have their Grand Opening July 15

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Ponce - Gateway to Decatur" Buffalo Exchange

"Ponce - Gateway to Decatur" is a new feature for Next Stop..Decatur. Images of Ponce de Leon Ave. You never know what you will see or find.

Buffalo Exchange
 1057 Ponce De Leon Ave NE  Atlanta, GA 30306
(404) 817-0921
To learn more about Buffalo Exchange click here

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ongoing Police Investigation Alert for Decatur

From The City of Decatur

Ongoing Police Investigation  
We sent out a news release on Wednesday, July 3 around 6 p.m. updating the media on the ongoing police investigation of the recent burglaries and robberies.  I am sending the same release to all of our e-news lists to keep you updated as well.  

In addition to the release we sent Wednesday, we had a report of an armed robbery on Sycamore Drive near Grove Street at 3:30 a.m. July 5.  The Community Alert is posted on the website with the details.  Based on a number of key differences, the police believe that this incident is not related to the other incidents that occured earlier this week.

Please know that the police are working diligently to resolve these incidents and please keep your eyes and ears open if you see any suspicious activity.  In addition, Police Chief Mike Booker and his staff are available if you would like for them to come talk to your neighborhood association or community group.  Call 404-373-6551 to report suspicious activity or to schedule a meeting with your group.

Ongoing Police Investigation

The City of Decatur Police Department is in the process of investigating a series of 13 day time burglaries that occurred from May 30 - June 26 that appear to be related. The majority of the burglaries occurred in and around S. Candler Street including parts of the Oakhurst and Winnona Park neighborhoods. The burglaries seem to be related to a significantly higher number of similar incidents in DeKalb County and the City of Atlanta. All three jurisdictions are working on a coordinated approach and together have made one arrest, detained five juvenile perpetrators, recovered a stolen vehicle, and recovered stolen property.

The Decatur Police Department is also in the process of investigating an attempted robbery and two robberies that occurred in Oakhurst on July 1 & 2 and a car theft that occurred on Swanton Way in downtown Decatur on July 3 that resulted in the vehicle crashing at Kirk Rd. and South Candler Street. A 15-year-old suspect is currently in custody.

According to information obtained from the witnesses and the victims, both the burglaries and the robberies are being committed by juveniles. Decatur Police Chief Mike Booker said that there is no indication that the juveniles are Decatur residents. He added that these appear to be crimes of opportunity with no regular pattern but that they do share common characteristics in terms of items stolen and the number and age of the suspects involved.

Chief Booker stated that "We are meeting and comparing information on a daily basis with both DeKalb County and City of Atlanta officers working the cases." He added "that in addition to the regular patrol shifts of five officers, the City has called in additional off-duty police officers and re-directed the four special unit officers to assignments related to addressing the current situation." Officers are using marked and unmarked cars and implementing periodic roadblocks throughout the city. Additional uniformed city staff, including firefighters, are assisting in the patrol of city parks, neighborhoods, and the business districts. In addition to responding to all burglaries and processing all latent prints, the police are using the GBI sketch artist and anticipate the release of at least one sketch very soon.

Decatur Mayor Jim Baskett said, "We want to assure the community that resolving these incidents are a top priority for the City Commission, the Police Department and all City staff. We are confident that they are utilizing every available resource to catch the perpetrators."

Mayor Baskett continued, "The police regularly issue community advisories and update them as more information is available for release. We encourage the community to read those advisories and follow the suggested safety precautions." Advisories are also posted on the City of Decatur website at

Chief Booker and other police staff members will attend the Oakhurst Neighborhood Association Meeting on Monday, July 8 at 7 p.m. at The Solarium, 321W. Hill Street and the Winnona Park Neighbors Meeting on Tuesday, July 9 at 7 p.m. at the Decatur Recreation Center, 231 Sycamore Street. They are also available to attend other neighborhood association meetings. Call 404-373-6551 if you would like to request they attend your meeting.

The Decatur Police encourage the community to call if they see any suspicious activity. The non-emergency number is 404-373-6551. If you believe you are witnessing a crime, or have an emergency, dial 911.

Linda Harris
Chief, Civic Engagement, Education & Communication