Saturday, November 30, 2013

Eye on Decatur - Christmas Tree Lot at Suburban Plaza

--Druid Hills High School Christmas Tree Lot.  Location in shopping center is Church St. side.

Holiday Shopping Parties Are Back at KUDZU Every Sunday Until Xmas

- 2928 E Ponce De Leon Ave, Decatur, GA 30030 (404) 373-6498

Friday, November 29, 2013


In 1940 Santa Claus arrives in Decatur on the Square in a remarkable Ford automobile and with him was Aunt Santa.
Not sure what's so remarkable about this Ford. looks like something you would find in a junk yard.
But this is 1940...

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

T'Was The Night Before Thanksgiving When DB Cooper Jumped ...

T'Was The Night Before Thanksgiving When DB Cooper Jumped ...

If you don’t know the story of D.B. Cooper, the short version goes like this:

On Nov. 24, 1971, a man referred to as D.B. Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 on a flight between Portland, Ore., and Seattle. He extorted $200,000 in ransom, and parachuted from the plane. No one has ever seen him since.

The long version extends to present day and involves what D.B. Cooper left behind: a few crumbling $20 bills, an airline boarding pass, a pink parachute, a black clip-on a necktie from J.C. Penney – which all fit neatly into a cardboard box at the FBI office in Seattle.

It was early afternoon on Thanksgiving eve, 1971. A man paid $18.52 in cash for an airline ticket to Seattle.

Walter Cronkite described him as “just another passenger who gave his name as D.A. Cooper."

The passenger had actually given his first name as "Dan," but Cronkite called him "D.A." In the beginning, nobody got the name right. The legend hadn't quite stuck. The man, whoever he really was, is best remembered now as the hijacker D.B. Cooper.

As the Boeing 727 headed north toward Seattle, Cooper passed a note to a stewardess. In this clip from the CBS Evening News, Bill Kurtis describes what happened next:

Kurtis: "Thirty-six passengers got off the jetliner in Seattle last night. Left aboard: Four crew members and the hijacker, dressed in a business suit, demanding $200,000 and carrying a plain brief case which he told the crew held explosives."

On the ground at Sea-Tac Airport, Cooper was given the money, along with four parachutes, in exchange for releasing the passengers. The jet was refueled, and around 7:30 p.m., the Sea-Tac tower cleared if for takeoff. It climbed into the November darkness, and headed south toward Mexico.

Kurtis: "The crew, here being debriefed by the FBI, was told to fly low over Oregon's flatlands with the flaps down. The speed dropped to 200 miles per hour."

As they flew south, Cooper ordered the crew to stay in the cockpit. The jet began to run low on fuel and then landed in Reno, Nev. Back in the main cabin, Cooper, the $200,000 and one of the parachutes were nowhere to be found. All that was left was Cooper's clip-on necktie.

Kurtis: "Snow covers the mountains in Northern California and Nevada; a hostile terrain for any parachute drop, especially at night. Police believe he left the 727 in the flatlands of Oregon or Washington, but they are still looking in four states."

Law enforcement ultimately focused the search on southwest Washington, but they failed to turn up any clues. Meanwhile, Cooper has become a folk hero, like a modern-day Robin Hood to some people. A tavern in the search area began throwing an anniversary party each year.

The FBI believes Cooper died while making the jump. It was a cold night, and Cooper was underdressed. None of the bills he was given have made it into circulation.

In 1980, kids playing along the Columbia River found $6,000 of the money buried in a sandbar. Chances are it washed downstream from where Cooper – or his body – hit the ground back in 1971.

Four decades later, the FBI still gets calls from people who claim to be Cooper or claim to know the hijacker's true identity. The bureau has investigated nearly a thousand of these possible D.B. Coopers over the years, but none has quite fit the profile.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gear up for Christmas Shopping with these tips

 From :

 Photo credit: Next Stop...Decatur
Get ready to shop this holiday season and be sure to bring along your Christmas gift shopping list. Follow these important holiday shopping tips to prepare before venturing out to your local stores or diving into your online shopping.

Gear up for the holiday season with these Christmas shopping tips:

    Decide who to include on your Christmas shopping list. Consider family, friends, co-workers, bosses, hairdressers, postal workers, newspaper deliverers, babysitters, teachers, and host or hostess gifts.
    Set a budget for each person on your list, and write down some gifts that fall into that price category.
    Shop online for Christmas gift deals. Looking for some helpful online Christmas shopping advice? Make sure you take the cost of shipping into account when you’re doing your research. This can add up, especially if you’re ordering from several different websites.
    Make a special folder in your email to keep all the receipts and shipping confirmations so you don’t lose track of anything.
    Leave your bulky winter jackets in the car when shopping in the mall.
    Plan your Christmas shopping trips for early morning hours to avoid large crowds.
    Wear comfortable shoes to keep your feet happy during a fun-filled day of Christmas shopping.
    Bring your coupons!
    Bring non-perishable snacks such as trail mix or pretzels on your shopping trip.
    Bring a bottle of water and juice boxes for the kids to stay hydrated.

Take advantage of these Christmas shopping ideas to avoid holiday stress. Start your shopping early in the season and stick to your list (check it twice!).

Monday, November 25, 2013

5th annual Decatur Christmas Tree Lighting Dec 5th 7 PM

 From little shop of stories
It’s time for the 5th annual Decatur Christmas Tree! Thanks to all the local businesses who help make this possible each year! The tree will be up all holiday season, but the lighting is a fun event for the whole community. We block off East Court Square and have hot chocolate, treats, carols, snow, and a visit from Santa! Hope to see you there!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sometimes New Decorations Just Don’t Work!

From The Decatur Minute
Sometimes New Things Just Don’t Work!

OK, we agree, the new holiday decorations don’t measure up to our standards.  Rather than looking like swags, they look like upside down trees and they just don’t work on the street lamps.  Many of our holiday wreaths date back to 1996 and were starting to look shabby.  We thought it would be a good idea to trade them out for something different and replace the oldest wreaths with an updated design.  Boy were we wrong!  So, when you mess up, admit it,  take responsibility and fix it.  The good news is that our old wreaths are still in storage.  Our decorating company will begin switching them out but it may take a week as they fit us into their installation schedule.  The “experiments”  will be traded in for new wreaths next season and we will put this down as a lesson learned.  In the meantime, just tell your friends that they are festive arrows pointing you in the direction of great shopping and wonderful food and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Steinbeck’s Chili Cook Off Sat Nov 23

Steinbeck’s Chili Cook Off 

When: Saturday, November 23 rd
Setup: 9:00 AM  Cooking: 9:00 till you're done 
Peoples Choice Judging: 12:00 PM till 4:00 PM    
Professional Judging 3 pm
Where: Steinbeck’s Back Parking Lot in Oakhurst, Decatur
Who: 25 entries max  $10 entry fee (Will be used for prize money)
What: Try chili from local residents and restaurants $5 to enter (kids are free) and LIVE music

- Must sign up at Steinbeck’s prior to event
- All other prep may be done ahead of time NO ROADKILL
- Supply all of your own cooking equipment: Burner, Propane, Utensils, Rags, Cooler with ice for your food, ingredients to maintain food safety
- We supply cooking tables, serving cups, spoons (for customers), crackers and napkins
- Must prepare 4 to 5 gallons of Chili for patrons and judging  (remember, there is a people’s choice cash prize so don’t run out)
- Must be willing to eat your own chili upon demand “Burnt”  Chili will be automatically disqualified
- City ordinance (and our entrepreneur spirit) forbid you from bringing your own beer, wine, or alcohol); however, you may purchase from Steinbecks (we have a license, you don’t, ha!)
- Judges: Jay Swift - Chef owner of 4th & Swift;  Kevin Rathbun- Chef owner of the Rathbun’s, Rathbun steak, and Krog Bar; Michael Deil- Chef, East Lake Country Club; Mayor Bill Floyd; Rusty Bowers- Owner of Pine Street Market
- Scoring will be on a 1-10 scale based on: Aroma, Appearance, Texture, Taste & Creativity
- The chili with the highest score wins

- First place: $200 cash and your name on the eternal chili trophy to be housed at Steinbeck’s for all eternity  - Second Place:  TBD
- Third Place: TBD 
- People’s Choice: Each patron of the event will receive ONE voter ballot to pick their favorite and their least favorite chili.  The contestant with the most votes will win the people’s choice award, prize, and spot on the eternal trophy

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Eye on Decatur

Looks like some sort of filming for a commercial / photo shoot today in Decatur on E. Ponce de Leon Ave.

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Color Vibe, a fun run 5k @ Stone Mountain Village Nov 23rd

Stone Mountain Village, GA — The Color Vibe, a fun run 5k company, is hosting one of their “colorful” runs for people of all ages on November 23, 2013 in Downtown Stone Mountain.

According to their website, “You are the canvas, and when you’re finished with this 5k run you’ll be an exciting and vivid masterpiece.” Before, throughout, and after the 5k run, participants are blitzed with the companies unique color powder made of a dyed cornstarch. When it’s over, runners are invited to participate in a large colorful dance party hosted by a professional sound crew.

A portion of the proceeds will support a local non-profit organization. According to a company representative, “We receive so much support and enjoyment from the communities we travel to that it’s a real joy for us to be able to give back to those that need the help.” This year the charity who will receive the donation is the Stone Mountain Village Visitors Center. More information about the Stone Mountain Village Visitors Center can be found at

The Colored Powder is manufactured and produced in the United States. It’s made from food grade quality cornstarch using an advanced manufacturing process that’s been custom developed for the Color Vibe Race Series. It’s non-toxic, 100% safe and biodegradable.

For more information on the company, the race or registration go to the company’s website: or send and email to

Decatur Holiday Candlelight Tour of Homes Dec. 6 and 7.


Take “A Walk Down Main Street” during the 31st annual Decatur Holiday Candlelight Tour of Homes Dec. 6 and 7. The tour showcases the neighborhoods along Decatur’s original main thoroughfare and attracts visitors from around the area to experience the history and tradition of our community during the holiday season.
The Tour features seven homes and two points of interest – Decatur Recreation Center and new downtown Decatur boutique Sq./Ft. – all decorated for the holidays.
This year’s tour is designed to be pedestrian friendly. We encourage you to park your car and stroll through downtown Decatur, visiting each of these remarkable homes. We are also excited to partner with ATL-Cruzers to provide complimentary Gem car shuttles for the event.

Friday, Dec. 6
Saturday, Dec. 7

5:30-9:30 pm
each day of the tour

Friday, November 15, 2013

Mingei World Arts - This weekend: tabletop treasures and new finds!

Tabletop treasures and other new finds
Saturday, November 16, 10:00am- 9:00pm
Sunday, Novem
ber 17, 12:00-6:00pm 
orange otomi flower
Please join us this weekend as we feature items to dress your holiday table! Start your gift shopping, too!  We have so many new things to share with you.
We will be featuring work by these artists, among others.

See you this weekend!
Raluca and Mark Tudose
The Spoonman of Transylvania and his wife. There is a spoon with a story for everyone on your list. These also make perfect hostess gifts!
Andrei Pandea We noticed these dear little heads in an upstairs window from the street in Sibiu. Once upstairs, we discovered this young artist and his remarkable story of The Innocents' Choir, his project to help raise funds to aid Romanian children with special needs by crafting and exhibiting 5000 miniature ceramic busts . We are fortunate to have 12 similar pieces for sale this weekend.  
Pall Ida 
was a weaver from the village of Mureni, near Sighisoara, Transylvania. She passed away 2 years ago at the age of 90. We met her daughter (pictured here) , who presented us with stacks of crisply pressed cloth scented with lavender.  We bought them all.
Nistor Ioan 
Climbing the steps into the ancient Leather Workers' Guild Tower in Sighisoara, we were transported back in time... Here we met Nistor at his workbench fashioning a horse's harness, perhaps to grace one of the many horses we saw pulling wagons and plows. We don't have harnesses for you (but ask about our hand-woven horsehair hatbands from Peru!), but did get an assortment of handsome leather bracelets.
Rose Ann Hall Designs 
We are pleased to introduce hand-etched glassware and hand-dipped and carved cathedral candles from
this artisan group based in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  One fourth of the work force is physically disabled.  Learn more about them by watching this video. 
Two Worlds, One goal
Two Worlds, One goal

We look forward to seeing you this weekend in our new location in East Decatur Station!
111 New Street, Suite A 
(Signage says "Home Forge Remodeling", our suitemates!) 
on the courtyard next to Duck's Kitchen! 


Now you can shop our new website, too!
Our next openings? 
December 7 & 8
December 12 in the evening- Guadalupe Day!
December 14 & 15
December 21

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Beekman Boys - Interview Opportunity, New Dessert Cookbook

WHAT:  Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell, the Beekman Boys, winners of the Amazing Race and owners of the Beekman 1802 farmhouse and business, visit Atlanta with interview opportunities

  WHEN:                      Saturday, November 23, 2013

·      Morning, Morningside Farmer’s Market (next to Rosebud), at 1397 North Highland Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30306
·      Instructing class from 1-3 p.m. at The Cook’s Warehouse Midtown/Ansley Mall, 1544 Piedmont Road NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30324

·      Brent and Josh are in Atlanta only on Saturday so email pre-interviews or in-person chats with them will be limited.

·      This is their second cookbook and is already a best-seller.  Just look at the cover!

·      The link to publish to register for their class at the Cook’s Warehouse is:

New Production for the Very Young at The Alliance

The Alliance is pleased to announce its brand new Theatre for the Very Young production – LITTLE RAINDROP SONGSLITTLE RAINDROP SONGS is a whimsically theatrical and imaginative journey through an anything-but-normal day, with original music by the Japanese ‘pajama-pop’ band Lullatone. The audience is led through a fully interactive world made completely of brightly colored paper which transforms dramatically into multiple settings.  Combining unexpected puppetry, a vibrantly colorful and transformative two-dimensional set design, whimsically comic performances, and the catchy pajama-pop of Lullatone, this fully interactive theatrical performance will connect with the very young and invite them into the wonder of the artistic experience.  LITTLE RAINDROP SONGS is written and directed by Puppeteer Michael Haverty.

Theatre for the Very Young is an artistic experience for children ages 18 months – 5 years that overcomes age, language, and developmental barriers, expanding the consciousness of very young audience members and integrating bi-lingual elements into each show.  Each production nurtures creative thinking, allowing the very young to experience art and culture on their terms. 

LITTLE RAINDROP SONGS runs at the Alliance from December 27, 2013 – January 18, 2014.  I hope you can share this information with your readers.


Kathleen Covington
Manager of Communications
Alliance Theatre
Tony Award® Recipient for Regional Theatrediscover us. discover you.
p. 404.733.4601
f. 404.733.4625

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Street Smarts" Seminar Nov 20

Sgt. Jennifer Ross, Community Information & Education Officer with the City of Decatur Police Department, shares the following information:

Free 1-hour “Street Smarts Seminar” will be held at the Decatur Recreation Center on November 20th

Please join us for a comprehensive 1-hour presentation from The National Crime Prevention Task Force to learn the answers to these questions and more:

    How can your security system be disarmed?
    How can a criminal obtain a key to your home?
    What should you do if approached by someone in a parking lot?
    How do criminals get access to your office during working hours?
    What makes you an attractive target to a criminal?
    What two things make women an easy and attractive target?
    What should you do if a stranger gets in your car?
    Where do most carjackings take place?
    What is the biggest mistake we make while shopping?
    Holiday tips to reduce crime to you and your home


Monday, November 11, 2013

Huddle House Opens Eight New Restaurants

 Huddle House was founded in 1964 in Decatur, Ga., as a place for the community to gather and “huddle up” for a great meal. With its branded Southern hospitality and 24-hour service that offers any meal, any time, Huddle House franchises work anywhere. The company has locations in travel centers and convenience sites as well as large metropolitan markets — but its focus is small towns and mid-sized markets that other brands tend to pass up. Huddle House thrives in place where there’s a lot of demand for full-service dining but little competition. As one of the least expensive breakfast franchises to own, Huddle House is highly ranked by the SBA, making it easier for franchisees to get business loans.

Huddle House, one of America’s favorite breakfast franchises for nearly 50 years, has inked deals in the past 30 days to open eight new restaurants in three different states.

The growth in Alabama, Georgia and Illinois is part of Huddle House’s planned expansion for the brand, which is currently enjoying the uptick in popularity in homestyle and regional cuisine in the restaurant sector, which saw increasing growth last month. According to the ADP’s National Franchise Report, restaurants accounted for 9,190 of the 15,040 new jobs created in franchising in September. Those numbers have been trending upward all year.
Part of Huddle House’s appeal is its recently updated menu and new Evolutions store design, which gives the restaurant a fresher, more contemporary look. The new store design accommodates more guests, helping to generate higher sales numbers than older designs. It features an open kitchen, inviting more interaction with customers, who love to watch their meals being made fresh-to-order. The menu Huddle House to open eight new restaurants
of homestyle dishes includes breakfast classics; burgers, fries and milkshakes; and favorite entrees such as chopped steak dinners and country-fried steak.

Huddle House, with 400-plus units nationwide, signed deals for eight new restaurants in Georgia, Alabama and Illinois and is looking to expand further.
From :

For more information, visit:

Eddie's Attic Welcomes Lisa Marie Presley

Lisa Marie Presley well-suited for coziness of Eddie's Attic
By Melissa Ruggieri

Lisa Marie Presley is a diminutive figure, an inherently shy person who has nonetheless decided to put herself in the position of being an artist – and one who has spent months on the road, standing in front of crowds in intimate rooms and putting her vulnerability on display.

While she clearly isn’t naturally comfortable onstage – though with five musicians backing her on the cramped Eddie’s Attic stage, she might have felt physically penned in as well – she nonetheless conversed quietly with the audience and tried to indulge the boorish types who constantly interrupted her with song requests and irrelevant comments.
Yes, it must be difficult being a Presley – do we really need to remind anyone of her parental heritage? – yet Lisa Marie knows there is no escaping her pedigree.

Fortunately, she has the chops to silence anyone who thinks she’s cashing in on her famous name. Her fans, too – loud as they might have been – seemed to be genuine devotees of her music and not merely curiosity seekers.

One table at the first of her two extremely sold out shows on Sunday sang so brashly during “S.O.B.” and “Sticks and Stones” that they drowned out the very voice they came to hear.

Presley’s latest album –her third – is the contemplative “Storm & Grace,” a moody, often melancholy but insightful collection produced by T Bone Burnett.
Photo credit:  Melissa Ruggieri

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A CHRISTMAS CAROL! at The Alliance
November 29, 2013 to December 29, 2013
The Alliance Theatre is excited to announce its 24th production of
For 24 years, audiences have fallen in love with the Alliance Theatre’s production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL, and for 20 years, actor Chris Kayser has been a part of the magic. Twice playing Bob Cratchit, twice playing Jacob Marley, and 16 years playing Ebenezer Scrooge, Chris has become just as familiar to audiences as the timeless Holiday story.
The Alliance is also pleased to announce former foster child Jaden Robinson in the role of Tiny Tim. As a former foster child, Jaden identifies with the struggles of his character and is excited to be a part of this production. Jaden was introduced to the Alliance by his teachers at the DeKalb Elementary School of the Arts and was a stand out during auditions.
The most heartwarming story of the season comes to life with holiday carols, Broadway-scale stage magic and your favorite Atlanta actors. In the classic Dickens tale, Ebenezer Scrooge goes to sleep on Christmas Eve as a miserly, stone-hearted man and is given a chance at redemption thanks to an encounter with three ghosts.

A CHRISTMAS CAROL! And this season is extra special - Atlanta actor Chris Kayser has announced that this will be his last year playing the iconic role of Ebenezer Scrooge.

November 29, 2013 to December 29, 2013
Content and duration may be inappropriate for children under age 5.

Macy’s ‘Great Tree’ at Lenox Square to be fake - and in parking lot

Macy’s ‘Great Tree’ at Lenox Square to be fake - and in parking lot
 Carla Caldwell, Morning Edition Editor

For the first time, Macy’s "Great Tree" atop Lenox Square mall will be an artificial tree. Or, rather an “ecologically friendly and reusable tree,” the company calls it in a press release. And it will be in the mall parking lot rather than atop the mall.

In a release from Macy's, the retailer said it would begin the new tradition which is "consistent with the company's commitment to sustainable business practices."

The tree, manufactured by Alpharetta-based Christmas Lights, Etc., stands about 56 feet tall and will be decorated by 45,000 white and multi-color sparkling LED twinkle lights, around eight miles of light strings and a giant star, reports Atlanta Business Chronicle broadcast partner WXIA.

Macy’s said the decision to erect the tree in the parking lot between Macy’s and Lenox Road, will allow visitors a “more intimate experience’ with the tree.

WXIA’s Jon Shirek reports incidents the past two years could also have something to do with the decision.

 From :

photo credit

Woody's Salutes First Responders on Thanksgiving Day

WHAT: Woody’s CheeseSteaks’ Second Annual “24 Hours of Giving” – a thanks-for-giving to Atlanta’s First Responders
WHERE: Woody’s Cheesesteaks, 981 Monroe Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30308
WHEN: Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 2013
· Woody’s, normally closed on Thanksgiving Day, will be open all day this year, serving grill items and holiday plates
· Food will be provided FREE to all First Responders (Police, Fire, EMT/EMS/paramedic, HERO)
· The same limited menu will be available to the general public
· 100% of all cash sales will be split evenly and donated to the Atlanta Police and Atlanta Fire departments and their Foundations
· Kosher hot dogs will be available for those celebrating Hanukkah

Free Local Jazz Concert: Tribute to John Coltrane Nov 7

If you like jazz, you'll want to catch A Tribute to John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" this Thursday, November 7 at 7:30pm, at Oakhurst Presbyterian Church. The free concert will be performed by Matt Wauchope (of the Mar-tans) with Justin Chesarek (drums), Scott Glazer (bass) and the incomparable Clarence Johnson (tenor sax) all the way from New Orleans! The concert is free, but they will "pass the plate" for donations which will go to Heifer International.

"A Love Supreme" is generally considered to be among John Coltrane's greatest works, as it melded the hard bop sensibilities of his early career with the free jazz style he adopted later. If you want to see some wildly talented jazz musicians do their thing, then don't miss this. Oakhurst Presbyterian is located at the corner of East Lake Drive and 2nd Avenue. Park on the streets or behind the church.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Breman Museum will open exhibition: “Return to Rich’s: The Story Behind the Store” Nov 17th

By Collin Kelley INtown Editor.
 For Atlanta natives, Rich’s is a sorely-missed department store with fond memories of shopping trips, Christmas wonder and tasty food. The late, great journalist and humorist Celestine Sibley wrote a book about Rich’s called Dear Store back in 1967, a testament to how much the retail mecca meant to the city.
 While Rich’s would eventually branch out to mall stores, be gobbled up by a conglomerate and then disappear altogether, the Downtown flagship store on Broad Street was always the beating heart of the company. Thanksgiving night meant crowding onto Forsyth Street under the Crystal Bridge that connected Rich’s two buildings for the lighting of the Great Christmas Tree. Children eagerly sat on Santa’s lap then went to the roof of the building to ride the Pink Pig monorail. Lunch at the Magnolia Room was always a special outing for generations of families. On Nov. 17, the Breman Museum will open the exhibition, “Return to Rich’s: The Story Behind the Store” that will bring all the memories back for those who remember the store and educate those who never got to visit. more.
 The Breman Museum is located at 1440 Spring St. For more about the Rich’s exhibit and concert series, visit The

 Post card photo credit : 
 Pink Pig photo & Rich's Santa credit: D.G.Whitefield