Friday, January 21, 2011

Medlock Elementary supporters trying to save School

From champion newspaper
Written By: Matt Amatto

For area residents and parents at Medlock Elementary, the battle to avoid the chopping block was already won. At least that’s what they assumed last year when a committee of community members failed to reach the consensus that would have closed the school. The community rallied then–waving signs, bringing children to meetings, creating slogans, doing what it could to apply pressure–and prevailed. However, the threat of closure has re-emerged.

A classic 1950s era building nestled in a quiet neighborhood of post-war bungalows, Medlock is again the target of a school system riddled with debt and desperately in need of state funds. On Jan. 4, the school board announced that up to 14 schools could close to help trim a surplus 11,000 seats.

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