Friday, March 11, 2011

Remembering The Decatur's Hobby House/Speedway and The Dekalb Theatre

This picture was taken at almost the same angle as the picture of the DEKALB THEATRE picture I posted (see below photo) . This building use to be The Dekalb Theatre.
When this was taken it was a hobby house selling models of all kinds and it also had slot car tracks for racing.
The front side walk windows had electric trains set up.
It was a neat place I spent alot of time there.
The building to the left of The Hobby House used to be F.W. WOOLWORTH and on the right was The Chandler Hotel.

circa 1983

This is from the Dekalb Historical Society.
The photo is from the Maury Mable Family collection.
Maury Mable is leading the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Decatur.
The year was 1946, looking at the Dekalb Theatre marquee you can see the movie playing is "Week end at the Waldorf "(1945).
You can see F.W. Woolworth's next door and the Western Auto Store on the other side. the view is on East Ponce de Leon looking from Church St. toward Clairmont, east to west on Ponce de leon.


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Carl Black

Where was this building located? (Street address?)


E Ponce De Leon Ave. one block from old court house, well not even a full block more like half a block.


Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Little Stores, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.


This was a few doors down from "The Paper Chase" comics&bookstore, where I used to stay all day, all summer when I was a kid. I confess now that I stole a D&D figurine from this Hobby Store once.

Great photos :)


From 1965 to about 1968 I spend hours and hours here. We lived on Glenn Circle about a mile or two to the east and this magnificent place was within easy walking distance. I spend much of my free time with my Dad and brother building things to run at the track here. We used to take static plastic models and adapt them for slot car chassis. I believe it was on Wednesday nights when they had the official race night. We would occasionally participate, but there were always the electrical geniuses who knew how to "rewind" the slot cars' motors and those guys always won.


Wow, bumaride, I also used to race there and grew up on Glenn Circle. I made my car from a kit, though, a white Ford with 44 on the side in honor of Hank Aaron. As I recall, when I was very little, that building was a JC Penney. My Mom would buy fabric and such there.


Yes it was once a J.C. Penny's and before that it was The Dekalb Theatre.

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