Monday, May 7, 2012

Fire Hydrant Tests

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Fire departments across the country are required to service fire hydrants twice a year, usually in the spring and fall. NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and ISO (Insurance Services Office) require that this inspection be done to ensure the hydrants have proper water pressure and operate as they are designed.

The Decatur Fire Department will test fire hydrants in April, May and June.
Please Note: During the pressure-testing and flowing of the hydrants household water can become cloudy due to disturbance within the water pipes. This condition is temporary and usually clears up quickly.


Question: Does the cap painted green mean something special ??????
Answer: Yep it does mean something.
Do you ever wonder why fire hydrants are painted the colors they are?  The lower part of fire hydrants a reflective silver to assist the Fire Department in locating them, especially at night. The tops of the hydrants were color coded based on the flow of the hydrant under normal operating conditions expressed in gallons per minute.
  The National standard for the body colors of the hydrants is a chrome yellow; however, silver is still recognized as a standard color. Therefore, municipal hydrant body color will continue to be silver. The tops or caps of the hydrants are going to change and will be painted according to flow on the hydrant at 20 pounds per square inch of pressure (psi).

I like when the fire hydrants are painted all silver or all Yellow.  The one above is in front of Greenes Fine Foods 

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