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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Decatur Library Gets a New Roof

Decatur, GA: The Decatur Library gets a much needed new roof.


sri said...

what a lovable site it is .. it too good Truck Chrome stacks

Walshbrett38 said...

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Allyson Sunde said...

There's nothing more inspiring than to see these libraries getting the attention they need. I mean, these are one of the places that we spend our quiet time to learn more about history, or even help us finish our thesis and/or homework at the same time. It’s about time that we returned the favor. :) Just make sure that we install a durable roof for them.

Ashlee Starns said...

It makes me happy to see an important establishment getting re-roofed. Just think of all the books that might get soaked if water seeps through the library’s old roof! And yes, Allyson. Hope they got a durable roof for the public library.