Sunday, November 8, 2015

Friday Night Football...Decatur Style

 By cmparks
The moment that you hit Memorial Drive in Decatur, Georgia, you see the lights from the stadium. That beat from the drums less than a mile away gets your heart pumping. You know that you are in for a treat. No matter what team you are pulling for, you know that it is going to be a fight. Each side has on the colors for their team. With all the great teams in Decatur, everyone thinks their team is the best. I am partial to South West DeKalb, my high school. But around DeKalb County, there is always a buzz Friday and Saturday nights.
From the minute you pull into the parking lot at the stadium, it is like a college or pro football game. People are tailgating! I have never have seen this for high school games before. I lived a number of other states, and I have never experienced this before. The fans are so into the game. It is like something on another level. The line is long. People wait with blankets, seats, and sound makers ready to see the game.
But what others don’t understand about the DeKalb County culture is you don’t go to the concession stand or the bathroom during half time. Most of the time, it’s just not the team that we come to see. It is also the band. With some of the most professional bands in the world, halftime is sometimes the best part of the game. The bands are always large. Along with the dancing young ladies of the drill team, flag corps, or majorettes, the bands play the latest songs and have elaborate routines. You can see everyone swaying and singing along to the band. And even though you may not like the other team, you can find yourself saying that was a good routine. You always get a great show.
No matter what you do, the buzz of Friday and Saturday is always present in DeKalb County. You know that you will go no matter what the weather. You are going to support your team. You team is always the best team in DeKalb…no matter the record.

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