Saturday, February 26, 2011

Silver Screen Spookshow Today at The Plaza Theatre


Presented by the Silver Scream Spook Show!


Feb 26th. 1pm & 10pm @ The Plaza Theatre

Note added: Did you go to this, if so send in some pictures

This was sent in by Mike Durrett.

Big weekend, having my second date with The Giant Gila Monster!

No tongues.

My first encounter with "The Giant Gila Monster" took place when I was seven.

I recall observing The Giant (Human-Hongry) Gila Monster terrorize Texas and thinking aloud, "Man, this movie is really crummy."

Flash-forward 50-odd years. (I'm an eclectic kind of mix-and-matcher on my years.) The Plaza Theatre in Atlanta revived the dubious rodent's dubious achievement. Curses, you Plaza!

With grave reluctance, I decided to revisit the film to ascertain if The Giant Gila Monster had aged gracefully.

It had not.

photo from Mike Durrett
Photo of The Plaza Theatre screen.

Thanks Mike for sending this in.
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