Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Looking Back at WSB-TV's Salute 2 America Parade circa 1975

These are Never before Published photos.
 Actress Karen Valentine. I wonder if where she stayed while here was in ROOM 222.
 -- Actress Lucie Arnaz her parents were "I LOVE LUCY" stars Lucillie Ball & Desi Arnaz
--  Singer and actor Frankie Avalon. GREASE is the word.
 -- Actor Gordon MaCrae
 -- Actor Leif Erickson
 -- Actor Timothy Bottoms -  The Last Picture Show. He does look like President George W. Bush.

 --TIME magazine in 1972 featured Flip Wilson's image on their cover and named him "TV's first black superstar".
--This is JEOPARDY!   Alex Trebek host of many game shows. Colonial Penn  will call you.
 Chill Wills was a character actor of American Westerns. Two of my favorite movies he made are McLintock! and GIANT.
 Oliver Gleichenhaus founder of "Ollieburgers" and "Ollie's Trolleys"... Coke, Cigars and Women.

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