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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kings Hwy Chosen for Triple Nine Film

The City of Decatur has issued a film permit to 999 Productions, LLC for filming of a project titled TRIPLE NINE to take place in the 200 block of Kings Highway in the evening and overnight hours beginning today through Friday morning.
Stretches of Ansley Street and Kings Highway will also be used for filming some neighborhood driving shots. To safely accommodate filming, Decatur Police will be directing
traffic with stoppages lasting no longer than 3 minutes. Most of this work will be done in the evening and through the night until 8am on July 12.
The production company  realizes they are guests in the neighborhood and the cast and crew will treat it with the utmost respect. In general, there will be some noise due to special effects associated with filming such as bright lights and engine noises. Also, the city has given permission to have the street lights turned off during the filming. Additional officers will be present to keep the area safe and secure.
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