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Friday, May 30, 2008

Decatur Federal Savings & Loans Assoc. 1962

Decatur Federal Savings & Loan Assoc.
opened in downtown Decatur in 1962. I went to the Grand Opening to visit the new building and they gave me a Decatur Federal Savings key-chain,
and I still have it.
The bank has changed names a couple of times since 1962 now it is Wachovia Bank. Soon to be Wells Fargo.


Anonymous said...

My father's company founded in March 1961 had its first office in the Decatur Federal building. Fond memories...thanks for posting the photo.

Anonymous said...

Thanks into sharing. Like always, on the in money and strategic on objective!

Anne said...

I still have a little white plastic six in ruler from Decatur Federal. It says "For an extra measure of savings, save where Katy saves!" Katy was a little girl with pigtails. I was also born in Decatur in 1962, and had my first savings account there. I think I may still have my passbook somewhere!

Next Stop...Decatur said...

Yes Anne, I had my first savings account there also, and I still have my passbook also.
Fun memories, thanks for your post.

Dina Adams (Bivens) said...

I have the Decatur Federal green savings bug stuffed animal. My parents knew the man who originally designed the savings bug logo. picture of savings bug is on my facebook. I worked there and remember the passbook savings also. BEST JOB I EVER HAD! any former DFSL employees out there?

Dina Adams Bivens/Southlake & Northlake locations

Don Blackwell said...

I agree the best job I have ever had. We didn't make a lot of money but the management made it feel like a family and they were so good to us, when we were acquired and I decided to move on this was probably the lowest point of my career. To this day as a manager I try to do things the way management did for us at DFSL

Anonymous said...

The lobby was a mid-century architectural treasure. You can still see traces of it in the ceiling. The teller counter, and the wall behind the counter were of a similar construction up until a very few years ago - hopefully they weren't destroyed, but only concealed behind the plasterboard - waiting for a new generation with better taste and respect for history to discover them.

tj said...

Hi Savings Bug Lovers!
My dad worked at DFS many years. I have started a Saving Bug Facebook page. Check it out at!/pages/The-Decatur-Federal-Savings-Bug/167436879954354
Would love to see your pics and hear your stories.

Dave Frissell said...

Yes working at Decatur Federal was the best job ever. Yesterday I attended a DFS reunion lunch (they do these twice a year) and it was so good to see my former co-workers. Everyone looked great. And we all miss those days when we worked for one of the best companies around.

Sue Scott said...

My mother worked at the Dekalb Co. Courthouse Tax Assessors/back tax for many years. There were lots of DFSL employees who used the records there..deeds etc. for documentation.
Looking for Gene Fricke who worked there for a long time...does anyone know what happened to him? This was around 1963-69? I think he was also Navy ROTC at GA TECH .
My email is