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Friday, March 28, 2014

"Taken 3" to Film in Atlanta


"Taken 3," starring Liam Neeson, films in Atlanta soon
"The plot is unknown at this time," its imdb page says, but we're guessing it might be about someone who gets kidnapped? Just a guess.
We're told location folks are scouting some lovely homes in the Buckhead area, near where "Catching Fire" did a good bit of filming, followed by "Mockingjay," which has been filming in Atlanta for months now. (Most recently at a huge set north of the city).
In a recent interview with GQ, Neeson sounded surprised at how popular the "Taken" series has become.
 "I wanted to do more physical stuff," he told GQ. "I really thought it would be kind of a little side road from my so-called career. Really thought it would go straight to video. But it just got great word of mouth. I was stunned."
Neeson, who was in Atlanta last year for a cameo role in "Anchorman 2," is likely to keep a low profile when he returns for T3. He gave up drinking and is not interested in dating since the death of his wife, Natasha Richardson.

"I’m keeping myself to myself," he told GQ. "And I like it that way. I’m not hunting. I’m the opposite of a—what would a male cougar be? Is there such a thing? Whatever it is, I’m not that."

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