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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Taken 3 Filming in Atlanta this Week


"Taken 3" is in action in Atlanta this week, and stars Liam Neeson and Forest Whitaker filmed a key scene at Stone Soup Kitchen on Woodward Avenue, just east of downtown, on Tuesday. Crew members spent Monday setting up. Things went mercifully well given the crazy weather Atlanta had earlier in the week.
"We're glad the weather held out," Stone Soup owner Sarah Rick said. "One of the crew members asked, 'What's your tornado plan? I said, 'Tornado plan?' She said, 'I'm going to need one.' I said, 'Well, we'll make one!'"
Rick's husband, John Rick, is a contractor who is working on a home with a sturdy basement close to the restaurant. Tornado plan solved.
"I was really impressed with all the people" who worked on the project, Sarah Rick said. "Hard-working people. It was amazingly organized for having 70-some people descend on this small little place. I don't really know how they picked the location but they started talking to us a couple of months ago."
 "Taken 3" star Liam Neeson on the set this week.
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