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Friday, October 31, 2014

"HAPPY HALLOWEEN" From a 1950's Decatur GA

Decatur GA

Happy Halloween from Decatur GA (circa 1955)
That Devil is my brother (Phil)  the other kids are from the neighborhood.
Location: 202 E. Davis St.
So if you lived in the area  circa 1955 and went to Winnona Park School, you could be one of these kids.

-This is a reprint from the Atlanta Journal dated Oct. 31, 1958
BY Laura McGregor

Tonight the witches take to the air.
Bubbling brews will steam from black kettles,
witch-ridden brooms will swoop across the sky.
Ghosts will flutter overhead and for a few shorth hours Atlanta will become an eerie city filled with the supernatural from on high.
Halloween with all it's magical powers will capture the children turning them into frightening little creatures, punching doorbells and screeching loudly "Trick or Treat".
Bright orange pumpkins hollowed and carved into a variety of contorted faces will brighten porches and shine from windows.
And the howl of a lone black cat and the smell of burned autumn leaves will put a hypnotic spell in the crisp night air.
Amid the dancing neon signs downtown will roam the celebrants-blowing horns, rattling noise makers and belive bones.
While out from the city lights, little clowns, gypsies, skeletons and ghosts will douse their heads in washtubs filled with red apples and eat marshmellows from a string.
But at the stroke of 12 trick or treat bags will be empty again.
The last of the candied apples will be washed from dirty little hands and the last of the witches will point their brooms toward the land of spirits to await another magical night of Halloween.

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