Thursday, June 4, 2015

Waffle House Construction underway at Old Decatur Belk Department Store Building

 In my research on the building, I found a circa 1948 photo  showing the front side of Belk-Gallant Co. which shows the original brick front with 3 large windows on second floor,(now Eddie's Attic) In the late 1950's Belk-Gallant redesigned the front entrance making a larger entrance walk-in area with surrounding windows.
From the June Decatur Focus:
Construction on the Waffle House at 515 N. McDonough St. is underway.  Waffle House and the property owner agreed to work with us to remove the false facade and expose the original brick building if possible.  We found that all of the brick had been removed on the lower floor but plan to do more exploratory work on the second floor to see if brick still exists under the large stucco covering currently in place.
The building was originally a Belk’s department store and a version of the stucco second floor covering appears in photos dating back to the late 1950s or early ’60s.  We will continue to work with the property owners to find option for creating a more appealing treatment for the front of the building.
 Here is a photo of the floor tile that is still there today.

 Interesting note in top photo: If you look close on right side bottom window you can see a reflection of a Decatur Cab Co.
I thought that was cool.

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